Privacy is in our DNA

Everyone deserves a secure, private place to explore and understand their genetics. At 23andMe, we put you in control of deciding what information you want to learn and what information you want to share.

Daha detaylı bilgi için lütfen gizlilik politikamızı inceleyiniz.

Gizliliğinizi Korumak Adına 5 Önemli Adım

  • Meaninful Choice
  • Privacy by design
  • Third party sharing
  • Security
  • Research

The information presented here is meant to be a general guide to our privacy and security practices. For specific details about our practices, see our privacy statement, terms of service, research consent document, sample storage consent document and frequently asked questions.

We’re committed to complying with the EU’s new data protection law, referred to as the GDPR. Visit our GDPR page to learn about our data protection approach.

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